Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bikes- three ways!

Third graders explored different styles and genres of art through a subject matter they are very familiar with - BIKES!
The first thing we tried were realistically drawn observational drawings (it was 100 degrees out, thank goodness for shade!).

Nice, Huh?

Next, students used a viewfinder to pick out an interesting piece of their drawing....

and created an abstract work.

We talked a little about what genre meant, connecting back to literacy (these kids were tossing out stuff like expository nonfiction and realistic fiction - they are smart cookies!), and connected those back to what we were doing in art (still-life, portrait, realistic, abstract...)
We finished up the bike art with Fantasy drawings, and these kids had some really interesting ideas!

I'm hoping we can get to my favorite collaborative bike project, I just haven't figured out the logistics in my new space yet....

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