Thursday, October 10, 2013

Augmented Reality in the Art Room

Augmented Reality, or more specifically, Aurasma, is something I have been dabbling in on-and-off for awhile now.  I think that the iPad and Android apps are finally working so smoothly that I have no reservations about using this with students.

First up for me will be video artist's statements. I did a trial run on my iPad with a kindergarten artist who suddenly became very shy....  To see how this works, you'll need the Aurasma app on your iDevice or smartphone.  Open the App, hit the triangular aurasma icon, search for and follow chumpal. Now you can use the Aurasma app to focus in on one of the images below (while I cross my fingers and hope that it works....) A cool, swirly, taking-you-to-another dimension thing should show up in the center of the image, and then a video clip...

I created another Aura using my Android smartphone (the video was put together using the Slideshow 365 app)

I can't wait to do more artist's statements, create art history Auras for my art prints, virtual tours of the school, Auras using student stop-motion animation....  We could attach auras to pictures that are in the local newspaper, attach student book reviews to the cover art of the book they just read, or art they created based on the book....this is going to be way too fun......


  1. Great job! I love both examples!

  2. Well done!! I'm a big fan of Aurasma too! I really like the student work attached to the artist statement. Have you tried to get parents involved?
    P.S. I also teach at a Monroe Elementary!